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COVID-19 Policies

At Bangs we pride ourselves on being transparent about our policies with all of our clients. If you have any questions about any policy below please feel free to contact our team.

Our Safety Protocols

We will continue to ensure our team and guests feel the utmost comfort during these times. We will continue to run our salon at 25% capacity.


Each stylist will enter the back door to have their temperatures taken and logged, wash their hands, and mask up. Guests will only be allowed in the front door. Stylists or receptionists will call the guest when we are prepared for you.


It is MANDATORY that all GUESTS WEAR A MASK! Guests will have their temperature taken and logged and we will ask you to wash your hands. We area a cashless society right now so please come prepared


We currently will not be offering a waiting area, magazines, or be serving drinks during this phase. Please come prepared with a drink with a lid.


Each stylists will have their station prepped and sanitized for you. This means that it does require a little more time during each guest’s appointment. Each station is placed 6 feet apart and our shampoo area is running with only two chairs.


We are requiring a deposit now for all NEW GUEST COLOR SERVICES.


We are still asking that if you have any questions or concerns on our protocols that you watch our video on our Instagram.

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